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Gucci to Produce Children’s Line of Clothing | Affluent Page Fashion


Gucci to Produce Children’s Line of Clothing

Aside from manufacturing impeccable and high-end clothing for adults, Gucci has turned its focus on the next generation. While in Singapore, Frida Giannini, Creative Director of Gucci, announced the upcoming release of their children’s line. The line is to be launched in Italy in June.

After its launch, the line will branch out and be made available in about 40 various stores worldwide. Although Gucci has not released further information regarding the upcoming line for elite children, (as to build suspense for its June launch,) it would seem that Gucci’s attention towards children goes beyond merely clothes.

During Frida Gianinni’s visit to Singapore, where she announced the upcoming children’s line, Gianinni celebrated the opening of Gucci’s Paragon Flagship as well as being honored by having an orchid named after her. The Paravanda Frida Orchid served as her inspiration in the design of a limited-edition Gucci Bag, The Paravanda Frida Bag, in which all proceeds went to a children’s charity. “Mainly I Love Kids” (MILK) children’s charity received 100% of the profits Gucci made from the 88 exclusive Paravanda Frida Bags, which sold out within a month.

In the recent past and future months, it appears that Gucci has and will be celebrating children. While supporting children who have been less fortunate with the philanthropic Paravanda Frida Bag, and in the process of creating a brand new elite child’s clothing line, young people from across the globe will be benefiting from Gucci’s ongoing luxurious designs.

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