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Lightweight Lavish: Maison Takuya Offers a $27,000 Wild Alligator SofTote | Affluent Page Fashion


Lightweight Lavish: Maison Takuya Offers a $27,000 Wild Alligator SofTote

Finding the ideal accessory can sometimes feel like a hunt, especially when lightweight is the key word. Well, this fall, Maison Takuya provides a Wild Alligator SofTote as part of its latest collection.

Designer and creative tour de force of the fashion house, Francois Russo, offers a more manageable option for the contemporary man. The apparent appeal of airiness inspired his creation. He explains, “when I designed this model my obsession was to make a very light bag.” Already owning a reputable “designer library” of totes, Russo believed that introducing another heavy bag to the market would be a drawback.

Made exclusively from alligator skins, his latest work does not have lining as such a feature would considerably increase the bag’s weight. The SofTote requires two complete adult alligators, each over three meters long and forty years old. “It is the first time to my knowledge that a bag has been made in full alligator without lining,” says Russo. Before beginning the project, Russo carefully studied the quality of each alligator skin to insure that they would suit his striking design, both inside and out. After which, the skins were tanned in France.

Exceptional both from a design perspective and due to the skins used to develop it, Russo strongly believes, “if you want a precious bag that you can carry wherever you go, you do not want, in my view, to carry the lining as well.“

The Wild Alligator SofTote is available as a special order and is priced at $27,000. Allow approximately six weeks for delivery.

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